Accepting help is not always easy, especially when it means having people come into your home to provide assistance. You and your loved ones might be nervous or feel too proud that your independence is at risk by doing so. That is where Trusted Home Care comes into the picture.

When help is required, Trusted Home Care’s goal is to make the process of getting help as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our Support Workers are rigorously selected and suitably qualified. They are proactive, kind and empathetic so that you can maintain independence and choice in your own home.

Meet our Aged Care Specialist, Cath Cox. Cath is available to:

  • Advise you on how to retain choice in your life.

  • Assist with the registration process for My Aged Care.

  • Help you get started with an Aged Care package.

  • Maintain regular contact throughout applications processes.

  • Consult with you on choosing a provider, however, we believe that Trusted Home Care can provide you with every care need you require

So how can you tell when you or a loved one need help ?

Some of the signs that a person might be struggling at home include experiencing any one or combination of the following:

  • Struggling to stay on top of home cleaning and maintenance

  • Difficulty managing the weekly shopping

  • Forgetting to attend appointments or having difficulty getting to appointments

  • Forgetting to take medication or taking incorrect doses

  • Unexpected or regular falls

  • General forgetfulness

  • Difficulty maintaining personal hygiene

  • Weight loss, poor nutrition or allowing food to spoil

  • Frequent bouts of loneliness, depression or feeling isolated

  • Electrical or gas appliances left on

  • Overgrown gardens

  • Carer stress and/or fatigue

  • Struggling to keep on top of paying bills

  • Declining Mobility

Are you unhappy with your current provider? It’s easy to switch providers.
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We can meet with you personally to address any concerns you have, develop a plan and support you in continuing to live independently at home.

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