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Welcome to Trusted Home Care

A proven provider of high quality, in-home, Aged & Disability Care services on the NSW Central Coast

Trusted Home Care was created to fill the gap that exists in the delivery of in-home aged and disability care services.

That gap is a client-first focus where the needs of the client dictate the services being delivered. We recognise that there is no “one size fits all” solution; so we offer a variety of services for you to select, based on the help you need most in order to stay at home, living independently as long as possible.

Our Company’s mission is clear and simple, to provide:

All the support you need….to live well at home

Signs you may need help

Aged Care

Disability Care

Community Access Programs

The Benefits of Staying at Home

Everyone knows home is where the heart is.

It’s also true that home is the best place for you to continue living a life that is as full and rich as you would like it to be.

The Benefits of living at home as long you can include:

  • Freedom & Dignity
    Retain the ability to choose how you live each day, rather than being confined to the schedules of a nursing home. Freedom for friends and family to visit whenever they wish. Dignity to live with deserved privacy and support.

  • Independence
    Continue to make your own decisions and remain in charge of your life, even with a bit of help, which is preferable to being fully dependent on others.

  • Comfort
    Live in your home, surrounded by your cherished possessions, where you feel most safe and comfortable.

  • Cost
    Staying at home is simply less expensive than paying costly nursing home fees.

  • Quality of Life
    Countless studies have shown that people are healthier, happier, more active, more socially connected and live longer from their own home.

  • Peace of Mind
    For you and your loved ones, feel at ease with your choices.

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